Meet our Board of Directors and Group Management Team

Board of Directors

The committees are constituted as follows:

Name Audit Committee Compensation- and Nomination Committee
Felix Thöni
Ulrich Jakob Looser Chair
Philipp Buhofer Member
Eugen Elmiger Member
Andreas Häberli Member
Jennifer Maag Chair
Maria Teresa Vacalli Member
Name Audit Committee Compensation- and Nomination Committee

Group Management

Management transactions

Kardex reports all transactions of Kardex shares by the Board of Directors and the members of the Group Management to the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Directly view management transactions on the SIX Swiss Exchange platform.

Corporate regulations

View the Kardex code of conduct, organization regulations, and articles of incorporation.

Kardex Whistleblowing-Platform

The Kardex Code of Conduct sets clear lines as to what behavior and activities are not compliant with our value system. In this respect, we pursue a clear zero-tolerance policy by not accepting and tolerating any violation of the Kardex Code of Conduct, local rules and laws, as well as the Guiding Principles.

We desire an open communication culture and therefore want you to address possible misconduct directly. In addition, or as an alternative to reporting possible misconduct, the Kardex Whistleblowing-Platform offers the possibility to anonymously report violations or suspected violations of the Kardex Code of Conduct, local rules and laws or the Guiding Principles.

The Kardex Whistleblowing-Platform is operated by the provider EQS and is therefore independent. You decide yourself whether you want to remain anonymous or not. Every report will be treated strictly confidentially. If necessary, the Chairman of the Compensation and Nomination Committee of the Board of Directors will be consulted.

To ensure complete anonymity, we recommend that you copy the Internet address and paste it manually into your browser. The direct link should not be used as the activities on our website are tracked for marketing purposes.

You can find more information directly on the platform at

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