Every day from state governments to local townships, authorities need to create official documents: presidential documents, court rulings, zoning regulations, public works, city bonds, taxation documents, permits, ordinances, and more.

Managing a growing number of files and records is an overwhelming task. Kardex offers a broad range of automated storage and retrieval systems. The systems provide secure storage while also allowing authorized workers to quickly and easily find the files they need.

Warehouse challenges

  • Continuing to store paper remains a strong requirement 
  • Supporting vehicle maintenance 
  • Servicing diverse facilities including the Police Department, Fire Department, Sanitation Department, and services such as snow removal  
  • Securing a wide variety of evidence (e.g., long rifles, pistols, drugs, money, jewelry)
  • Storing a product mix ranging from paper to vehicle repair parts
  • Tracking and maintaining a chain of custody in the space provided

Customer benefits

With an extensive portfolio and numerous applications, Kardex is a proven intralogistics partner to the public administration and government.

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With features like a digital transaction history and a physical locking door, a selection of minimum to maximum security options provide administrators the exact security they require.

A Kardex system minimizes security breaches and considerably reduces the possibility of losing files.

It’s not only important to securely store documents, but also that authorized personnel have access when they need it.

Kardex systems allow authorized personnel quick access to files and items either by using a key to physically unlock the unit or by entering an authorization code.

When access is authorized, the unit delivers the stored item directly to the operator, eliminating time spent walking and searching through rows of cabinets to find a specific file or item.

Less walk and search time allows more time for other value added activities.

As the federal government's purchasing agent, GSA (General Services Administration) connects federal purchasers with the most cost-effective and high-quality commercial products and services. Via a new agreement, Kardex is now considered an approved prime source for GSA's products and solutions.

Life Cycle Services

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