Sustainability stands for the careful and responsible use of resources. At Kardex, the efficient use of resources has always been at the heart of the business model and is thus part of the company DNA.

In the field of intralogistics, Kardex’s solutions significantly shorten long walking distances, reduce space requirements by up to 84% and optimize use of space volumes. This conserves the scarce resource of land and, in addition, Kardex helps its customers to save energy. That is why Kardex also sees sustainability as a great opportunity for the company. Sustainable action is a matter of course at Kardex and is part of everyday life. In its development work, the company constantly relies on the most modern components with a high degree of efficiency. Kardex’s supply chain is working to reduce energy consumption during production and transport routes.

A major step in this regard is the opening of a production facility in West Columbia, South Carolina (US) in 2021. By relocating production for the US market closer to domestic customers, Kardex aims to curtail emissions through shorter domestic transport routes as opposed to lengthy sea transport routes, thereby contributing to climate protection.

The sustainability commitment extends to the production facility itself, where various eco-friendly measures are in place.

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